WP Potential Candidate Denies Extra-Marital Affair Allegations

In the run up to the General Elections, an allegation has surfaced that claims Dr Daniel Goh a potential candidate had an extra-marital affair with one of his former students.


He responded to the allegations after being made aware of it while making his rounds visiting residents. He notified his wife, informing her that this was a letter to smear his reputation and nothing more. His wife responded in stoic fashion, “Forget it. Either you’re so threatening they need to stoop so low or they are so boh liao. I think your (all of you) time is better spent resting. Nothing to it. You know it’s bound to happen, gutter politics. No need to convince me. Make the meeting with Low chop chop. Tell him your wife says you need to sleep.” Stating that there was no need for him to convince her as she has her utmost faith in him.

In his response to the Straits Times he wrote: “Someone wrote a poison pen letter to WP and to the media to smear me with the allegation that I had an affair with a former student of mine whom I supervised for her thesis.” He has also took to social media to clear his name and thank those that have supported him.

Screenshot 2015-08-28 14.51.21

The race is building up and tensions are evidently mounting as we approach the climax of this election, we are eager to watch as more unfolds in the build up to the polls.


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