10 quotable quotes from PM Lee’s lunch rally

Missed the lunchtime rally? Here are 10 takeaways that we think that the PM wants you to know!


On passing difficult policies:


“If it’s so simple, why doesn’t the PAP do it? Are we stupid? We’d be more popular!”


On prudent national spending:


“You cannot write cheques for your children to pay..who pays for these goodies?”


On the changing nature of politics in Singapore:


“Our politics must be honest, people must be clean. If not stay out of politics.”


Making a wise choice:


“If you vote wrongly and the country goes down the wrong path – it’s hard to come back again.”


Creating good jobs and futures for the young:


“We made sure young generations have a bright future, with different pathways. Can we do better? Can we achieve our aspirations? Of course…Yes we can!”


How the PAP did it:


“Staying united is our secret recipe. It’s how we got to SG50, will get to SG100!”


A hint at PM’s retirement?


“…i’m not getting younger. We must have a team ready to take over, do better.”


Are these hints of future PMs?

Ong Ye Kung

“Ng Chee Meng, Ong Ye Kung, Chee Hong Tat have potential, can make a contribution”


On track record:


“PAP has been working hard on improving lives. Results speak for themselves.”


A jibe at the opposition:


“The opposition says voting them is like buying insurance. But if you want to buy insurance, at least buy from the right company!”


What the PAP is to Singapore:


“We are not the owners of Singapore. We’re trustees, stewards – like the “jaga”.




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