10 Things You Missed at RI on Nomination Day

It’s a little late, but on #TBT #ThrowBackThursday it’s ok to reminisce what happened on Nomination Day!

The most epic crowd on Nomination Day was evidently at Raffles Institution (sorry Chiam See Tong) where the candidates for 4 constituencies (Ang Mo Kio GRC, Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC, Aljunied GRC and Sengkang West SMC) were announced.

Candidates also made history by rallying votes for other parties, fisting and directly addressing the jeering opposition supporters.

As a teaser, here’s our version of Ng Eng Hen’s fiery speech.



If you weren’t there, here are our 10 things you totally missed out on.


  1. #WPsg arrives

Our FSaaM photographer was sandwiched between hordes of reporters and photographers trying to capture a glimpse of Workers’ Party candidates outside Raffles Institution.

More than one other photographer used her head as a stabilizer to take photos of the incumbent team at Aljunied GRC and their supporters.

1 WP Aljunied candidates3

    2. #PAP #LHL arrives

FSaaM decided to camp inside to wait for PM Lee Hsien Loong’s arrival.

2 PAP AMK candidates

We were duly rewarded with classic snapshots of PM Lee waving to the media and supporters who were fenced up on the other side of the road.

3 PAP AMK candidates 3

And PM even took a photo, unfortunately it didn’t get on his Instagram (yes we checked). Notice Gan Thiam Poh (next to Dr Koh Poh Koon) thanking the supporters.

PAP AMK candidates 11

  1. #PAP shooting #PAP

We witnessed a historic moment where the PAP willingly shot itself when supporters took a photo of the Ang Mo Kio GRC candidates.

4 PAP AMK candidates 13

  1. #ReformParty recces the field

The Reform Party candidates for Ang Mo Kio GRC did a rehearsed manwalk on the field for photographers, à la Armageddon style.

6 RP candidates AMK 6

7 armageddon

Source: IMDB

  1. A #WP supporter lambasting the government on foreign media

8 WP supporter interview

Foreign media from China interviewed a WP supporter who complained about the Singapore government only serving themselves.

  1. PAP supporters streaming in

They came in droves, wearing all white and carrying covered-up placards and umbrellas. The PAP supporters were from all walks of life, compared to opposition supporters who were generally male and above the 40 year old age group.

9 PAP supporters (3)

  1. Rabid WP supporter shouts for “Chen Mao Shen”


He was full of gusto.

  1. Opposition supporters heckled every PAP move, even during PM Lee’s speech.


Who says we don’t have freedom of speech in Singapore?

  1. Anjing is a double-edged word

It can mean “shut up” in Mandarin, or “dog” in Malay (an offensive term).

Either way, Bishan Toa-Payoh PAP candidate Saktiandi Supaat had a rough debut speech.



   10. Roy Ngerng almost didn’t run for Ang Mo Kio GRC

Apparently there was some issue with his name, but he clarified that it’s been resolved and thanked the election agents, saying that it’s a fair process this time round.


Did you see anything else we missed? Share with us at [email protected]



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