8 Chio bu candidates of #GE2015

After 7 days of campaigning, Singaporeans would have gotten a glimpse of the candidates running in the coming General Elections.

But more than just looking at proposals, manifestos and policies, let’s turn our eyes to some eye-candy.

Here are 8 chio bu candidates running in the elections that will surely catch some eyeballs (well, some are really subjective, so don’t blame us)…

1.) He Ting Ru

He Ting Ru

The 32 year old Cambridge-educated lawyer will be contesting in Marine Parade GRC under the Workers’ Party ticket.

Her claim to fame: Looking like Rui En and spending 10 years in England studying and working.


2.) Cheng Li Hui

Cheng Li Hui

People’s Action Party-candidate Cheng Li Hui is a deputy chief executive with a engineering firm. She takes over from former Minister Mah Bow Tan’s ward of Tampines East in Tampines GRC.

Her claim to fame: Who would have guessed she is 39 year old???


3.) Sun Xueling

Sun Xueling

The 36 year old investment director at Temasek Holdings has 14 years of grassroots volunteer work.

Her claim to fame: Looking like a Chinese National, which is definitely not the case. The Singapore-born, bread and educated PAP candidate will run in the Pasir Ris Punggol GRC.


4.) Kevryn Lim

Kevryn Lim

The National Solidarity Party-candidate for Sembawang GRC runs a events company. She is a young single-mother of a two year old son.

Her claim to fame: Racy pictures of the former model appeared on the Internet soon after she was revealed as a potential candidate for the NSP.


5.) Han Hui Hui


Independent candidate Han Hui Hui is running in the Radin Mas SMC which will see a three-corner fight against PAP’s Sam Tan and Reform Party’s Kumar Appavoo.

Her claim to fame: The Hong Lim Park Protests regular is often seen protesting against the CPF scheme. She was barred in 2014 from organising protests due to a heckling incident.


6.) Tin Pei Ling


The second-time PAP candidate will in the upcoming General Elections be running in the single seat of Macpherson SMC after the ward was carved out of the Marine Parade GRC.

Her claim to fame: Jumping back into elections campaigning less than a month after giving birth to her first child.


7.) Rahayu Mahzam


Currently a partner with a law firm, 35 year old Rahayu was formerly a Deputy Registrar of the Syariah Court before returning to private practice. She will join Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam and his PAP team in the Jurong GRC.

Her claim to fame: She started volunteering at a young age of 17.


8.) Jaslyn Go

Jaslyn Go

Entrepreneur Jaslyn Go will contest in the Yuhua SMC as the Singapore Democratic Party’s candidate against Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office Grace Fu.

Her claim to fame: She is a sales director with a company she set up together with her husband in 2004. She was supposed to run in the previous GE but was replaced by former ISA detainee, Teo Soh Lung.



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