8 New Ministries in the new Singapore cabinet???

Now that the hype of the General Elections has blown over, the whole nation waits with anticipation to see who Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will be picking to fill the different portfolios, more so for the new faces who were introduced at the recent #GE2015.

There are 15 government ministries in Singapore to fill, and 20 cabinet ministers in the last term of parliament.


But what if PM Lee decides to have new ministries to look after the growing needs of Singaporeans? What would these ministries be called, and who would be the ideal candidates to helm these ministries? We try to be witty and come up with names for the new ministries:

1.) Ministry of Fashion

–  Baey Yam Keng


No explanation needed. His fashion sense – Best!

2.) Ministry of Siam (avoid)

–  Pritam Singh



During a parliament debate on the AGO’s report on the AHPETC’s audit lapses, Mr Pritam Singh reportedly told Minister Shanmugam that he would explain the lapses to his constituents instead of him. That did not go down well with the house, and fellow parliamentarian colleague Sam Tan asked Mr Singh to explain to the house since he was a resident of Aljunied GRC.

3.) Ministry of Cooking

–  Amy Khor


In October 2014, Dr Amy Khor posted a video of herself cooking one of the recipes taken from the Health Promotion Board’s website.

5.) Ministry of Garang (fierce)

–  Ng Eng Hen


Responding to jeers from the supporters of opposition parties, Dr Ng Eng Hen said: “Even if you jeer against us, we will improve your lives! And the more you jeer, the more we will improve even more because we believe in Singapore.”

6.) Ministry of Hairdo

–  Lily Neo


Her trademark hairdo has changed many times since she entered politics in 1996.

7.) Ministry of Feeling

–  Sun Xueling


Her moving Hokkien speech likening the relationship between Singaporeans with the People’s Action Party to an elderly couple was well-received and many were moved by it.

8.) Ministry of Social Media

–  Teo Ser Luck

He’s the King of #everythingalsohashtag. Also known as fitness buff MP.







  1. Well done, Arthur! May I also recommend a double portfolio for Amy: *both* Ministry of Cooking, *and* of Fashion, as she definitely excels at both!

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