A Meme-orable GE

It’s cooling day, drawing a close to all the politicking for this GE.

It’s been an interesting General Election with some surprises and some hilarious moments. Overall the GE has sent Singaporeans into a political frenzy, everybody was talking about it, from the aunty and uncle at the coffee shop to hipsters at those cafes with drawings in their coffees.

So while you ponder the important decision you’ll be making in less than 24 hours here are some memes that have stood out this GE.



Some say Chio Bu, some say aunty, both also can la.


The only RPG game with a respawn time of 5 years


Drama, drama everywhere


At first I thought this was VR man 2.0



You see what they did there?


The one that started it


Why not both?

Remember, vote wisely this isn’t your mid year exam, you cannot tikam tikam.


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