GE2015: 8 Best of Best Facebook Posts

By now you must have read mannnnnnnnnnnnnny Facebook posts and followed the endless stream of rally news about #GE2015. But but but, there are some gems out of the avalanche of posts that you really shouldn’t miss. Here, our pick of the best of best Facebook posts this election season.


1) ‘I still can’t vote this election, because I’m 19. I wish I could, but I can’t.’
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2) Hand on Our Heart
‘This country needs to decide whether we still have that iron in us to forge on, or just a bunch of character-less-pussycats-me too. Make a stand!’
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3) Another perspective from another Gen Y




5) A parent whose child has a rare disease shares his experience.

‘I did not want to share my story, but I don’t see it fair to only hear bad stories about people who say they don’t get help from the govt, while I stay quiet about the help I got. Probably there are more who like me got help. Probably many of them do not use social media.’


6) The Queen of Blog has spoken.
Know what? I’d much rather vote her into Parliament than, say, at least half of the candidates contesting this round. Which half? Hehe, that’s for me to know and you to never find out!


7) This is possibly the loooooooooongest one so far.
And I mean really really long. Not sure if we put this guy next to MINISTER TAN CHUAN JIN who is supposedly mighty ‘cheong-hei’, who would win *shrugs*


8) I love this woman! Yes, I’ve saved the best for last! I love her train of thoughts, her rant and yes, even the language seems to fit the post. Go read it!

‘The government has GIVEN me NOTHING all through my life (excep maybe bursary?) but has PROVIDED me with the opportunities I NEED to work hard and change my own life. What some of us may consider a birth right as a Singaporean is a luxury to many others, even for those just across the border. A vote once cast, is cast in stone.’

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Bonus 1
Check out this tearjerker of a rally speech!


Bonus 2 (Ya, my mama taught me that good things come in pairs!)
Not exactly a blog post, but fab article that probably echo a lot of people’s thoughts.

Limpeh 的心声


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