GE2015: Have you been lied to already?


This season, we observe the use of many twists of fact. I think it is a shame to use tactics like this, and it is a preview of what is to happen when the powers shift to these guys.




10. GST will increase


No, it will not. And in fact if you look at the figures, only a small percentage of our country’s expenditure comes from GST and income tax. Singapore is known for having the lowest income tax in the world and GST is regularly given out as rebates throughout the year.
9. Residents denied projects by AHPTEC


It is not. And in fact, funding had been given by the HDB to the Worker’s Party controlled AHPETC to do their lift upgrades and home upgrades. Why they didn’t do it, is another matter altogether.
8. The WP was NOT given a clean hand over


It had not. The statement Low dramatically waved to the crowd actually opened up a can of worms. The document was for FY April 30 2013. The Worker’s Party took over Punggol East SMC on 27th January 2013. What happened in this 3 months that the WP took over? Dodgy…


7. The 6.9m…again…


No, there is no target to increase population to 6.9m. It is merely a planning parameter…otherwise, how would the country know when to stop building?


6. GIC uses CPF money


No. The GIC does not use CPF money to invest. It had been openly stated that the money comes from buying Government bonds. As simple as that.


5. Yaacob and his champagne


He wasn’t holding a champagne bottle. It was a confetti machine.


4. Hawker centers will die out says WP’s Ron Tan


No it’s not. And hawker centers are being built all the time. In fact the argument now is about whether or not hawkers should increase their prices for more profit, or to earn little profit and do society a favour.


3. Tin Pei Ling’s weakness is that she is a mother


Being a mother is not a weakness. ‘nuff said. (by the way, have you noticed the uncomfortable silence from AWARE? When normally they would attack such comments, now they’re keep quiet…hmmm)
2. Sun Xue Ling is a foreigner


She’s not. Get over it.
1. WP calling Lee Kuan Yew a liar who “had hung onto power until he died”

Is Lee Kuan Yew a liar? Well, you be the judge.







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