GE2015: Old, New, Borrowed & Blue (2/12)

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Did you read the first instalment of this 12-parter series last night?

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Part Two: 3rd Sep 2015, Thu

Ties that Bond and Ties that Broke…
Chiam See Tong vs Chee Soon Juan

Chanced upon this Facebook post that shared something really old, it dates back all the way to 1995. But very meaningful, so do read.


My fave part is where Mr Chiam See Tong said,

To me, above all, in the Opposition, we must be good and patriotic Singaporeans. We must not go around the world denouncing Singapore.


Singapore has a viable system and I do not think that any Opposition should try to sing to the tune of people outside Singapore, whose intentions are in fact questionable in regard to the prosperity and success of Singapore.


Mr Chiam was one of the longest-serving MPs in Parliament and despite being an opposition leader, he’s won the respect of members of the ruling party. And in fact, all the other parties as well.

When LKY passed away earlier in March, Mr Chiam showed up to pay his last respects despite his frail health. You can click here to check out his letter of condolence to PM Lee.


Curious about how LKY saw Mr Chiam when LKY was stil alive? He had once said this,

I’ve never been rough with Chiam. He’s gentle, I’m gentle. He’s a decent man and I respect him for that.


Mr Chiam had just celebrated his 80th birthday this year, and click here to see how wished him happy 80th birthday!


It’s #GE2015 fever now, and his wife Lina Chiam is running for a seat at Potong Pasir under the Singapore People’s Party (SPP).

Mr Chiam even made a surprise appearance at the Nomination Centre on Tuesday. He was helped by their daugher on his wheelchair. The media interviewed the daughter for her views on her politician parents and asked if she would follow their footsteps, watch here.

You can also easily tell from the clip how much love and respect people have for this man, regardless of political party affinity. Mr Chiam sure is someone special!

I suppose there are many readers out there who aren’t old enough to know the political history and all. Although Mr Chiam is under with SPP, he was actually under the Singapore Democrative Party (SDP) all those years, a party he had founded.

What many people don’t know is that he was ousted from his own party by the current SDP honcho, Dr Chee Soon Juan.

(Below was the an newspaper clipping of whe the Chiams spoke to ths press about how he was forced to leave the very party he founded, and Chee saying nobody forced anyone to leave. Ugly much….?)



Incidentally, socio-political site The Middle Ground had just published an article on Dr Chee.


And ahhhh… all the dirt that people didn’t know about!

Although Dr Chee doesn’t think his past antics should not be brought to people’s attention since it’s already a long time ago, I beg to differ. If he’s running for a seat in the Parliament, then the people have a right to know. Of course, whether he’s a judged man from back then, that’s up to the individual to assess and for Dr Chee to prove himself.

Voters from Holland-Bukit Timah GRC, please take note who’s running in your estate and #VoteWisely!

I recommend you read this, this, this and this to learn more about Dr Chee, the man’s done precisely the opposite of what Mr Chiam had suggested a good and patriotic Singaporean wouldn’t do, to go overseas giving talks and all, denouncing Singapore.


Bertha Says Minister Lim’s Explanation is Good!
Ohhhh…. MediShieldLife is Happening in November!

It’s rallies galore for this week and the next. Seems like ex-ST journalist Bertha Henson went for PAP’s East Coast GRC Rally tonight.


I got intrigued and went to search for the rally video. To be honest, I still don’t have a very clear idea about MediShieldLife even though it’s supposedly taking effect from 1st November 2015. Hehe, you know meh?

Anyway, let’s check out if Bertha’s assessment of Minister Lim Swee Say‘s ‘medi-talk’ is really clear…


Statesman vs Politician

Someone happened to share this with me today, and I really love it! I’m borrowing his words to share here to remind all to consider all candidates carefully and vote for the person and party you want. We don’t want any freak results, so please don’t toy with my future, alrighty?

Statesman vs politician
Politicians talk it — Statesmen walk it
Politicians run to win — Statesmen run to serve
Politicians are ideologies — Statesmen are open-minded
Politicians, ‘It’s all about me’ — Statesmen, ‘It’s all about them’
Politicians focus on the next election — Statesmen focus on the future



Reminds me of LKY too. He’s most definitely a statesman, particularly the part about how he’s not at all about ideologies, but pragmatic.

LKY never subscribed to any school of thought, and was never really quite leaning towards the left or right. One can’t really say with certainty if he’s conservative or liberal. That’s because he just worked with whatever worked and could help the majority of the people.


One of ’em Blue Supporters

imageImage from

Hee, did you see how many WP flags the man had on his head? Ardent supporter for sure! Love the strong show of support!

See you tomorrow!

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