GE2015: Old, New, Borrowed & Blue (4/12)

Part Four: 5th Sep 2015, Sat

The Minimum Wage Argument’s Getting Kindda Old…

The minimum wage argument is an old one. I’m not about to start one here again, after all, an economist I am not. There’s renewed interest in this topic mainly because some of the opposition parties running in #GE2015 are pushing for minimum wage. Even Workers’ Party has brought it up for the first time.

Honestly, I think it’s just one of the various wage models around, probably no right or wrong. But as with all models, concepts and framework, nothing is perfect or foolproof. No matter which we decide to adopt, we just have to be mindful of the pitfalls and reach out to those that might have fallen through the crack.

For Singapore, we have chosen not to adopt minimum wage as a national wage system. There are many articles on this blog too that talks about why not. Oh, there’s also a rather easy-to-read article that explains the pitfalls of the minimum wage well, click here to read.

Minimum wage is usually supposed to help the low-wage, low-skilled workers; however it has also been shown that it does the opposite. It often ends up costing jobs and pushing businesses to automate quickly.

min wage mem
credit:Tea Party Tribune


So yea, old concept. But hey, there’s a new spin on it by Minister Tan Chuan Jin (now with MSF, but he was helming the Ministry of Manpower previously.) Here, hear him explain about the Workfare programme we have vis-a-vis Minimum Wage.


And… still on minimum wage, read this hilarious (but oh-so-apt!) post from our very own blogging queen, Xiaxue!


AHPETC! Workers’ Party Raised the Issue This Time!

Just when everyone’s about way too tired of the AHPETC topic, WP’s Low Thia Khiang flashed new ‘evidence’ at their rally last night.



Whut….?! Low is now saying that PAP had handed WP a deficit? Huh? Why is he bringing it up only now?


PAP’s Zainal Sapari posted an explanation, which sounded perfectly reasonable and credible by the way.


DPM Teo Chee Hean was also asked about this matter this morning at a doorstop interview.


And here, if you want a closer look at the second page of the document which Low didn’t show. (I see what you did there, Low!)


The ‘Why Did He Do It’ MV by SDA’s Arthero Lim
I Ask Sky…. *crickets*

The Singing Politician – CPF Hokkien Song (Full Version)
SDA in Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC


SingFirst, SingFirst, SingSingFirst!

Heard it yet? The men in (darker) blue kept chanting this cheer it’s now stuck in my head, loooooooping!


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