I’m a Virgin Voter

I’m voting for the first time and so far all I’m hearing is either how bad PAP is or how bad the Opposition is.

It seems every GE people get into a political frenzy with much fervor and piety, with so many wearing the colours of the party they support on their sleeves. Everything I know about this GE, I hear from parents, friends as well as the internet.


I’m admittedly saying that I know very little about the political parties we have in Singapore, it surprised me that there’s actually so many different opposition parties. When here ignorant little me thought there were only Workers Party and Peoples Action Party. I obviously knew there were other political establishments on the fringe, but you don’t hear anything about them until election season arrives. Where were they during the periods of non-election?


Were these parties still involved in the communities they’re choosing to represent during the off season or do they just pick one when it comes to nomination day, and make them promises? It’s all a little confusing for someone like me. Especially since I’m aware that PAP has been around and despite not seeing them all too often I still hear my mom or dad talk about the MPs and see the grassroot members at the RCs and CCs from time to time.


In my bid to get a clearer picture of what different parties are bringing to the table for their pledged communities I have followed a number of rallies, either in person or via the internet. Having done so it seems like all that’s been said by opposition parties is how horrible and tyrannous the PAP has been and how I’ve lived my life behind a veil of darkness cast over by the men in white. And PAP telling me how inexperienced, flimsy and shallow the suggested policies of the opposition parties are.

GEPW2What are they supposed to be changing?

IMG-20150903-WA0002Other parties never do meh?
How to do when they got no power?

It’s all very interesting and exciting, but at the end of the day many first time voters like me will be going to the polls with very limited information to support our final decision, and it doesn’t seem like a very intelligent way for us to be deciding on our future leaders.

Is this how all elections have always been done in the past?



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