Let the hustings games begin… (General Elections 2015 Singapore)

General Elections 2015 Singapore: And so, the hustings began yesterday, right after the Nomination of the candidates were complete. You would have heard and read all over the place, that for the first time in Singapore’s independence, all 89 seats are being contested.

So the candidates have begun to hit the roads to fight for every hard-earned vote.

We combed through social media outlets and here are heart-warming photos of the first day of campaigning.

1.) Patrick Tay, Assistant Secretary General of NTUC – People’s Action Party (West Coast GRC)



2.) Tan Chuan-Jin, 46, Minister for Social and Family Development – People’s Action Party (Marine Parade GRC)


while we’re at it, it seems he is getting a lot of support from his constituents. See link below:



3.) Goh Meng Seng, 45, Secretary General, People’s Power Party – Chua Chu Kang GRC



4.) Heng Chee How, 54, Deputy Secretary General of NTUC – People’s Action Party (Jalan Besar GRC)


5.) He Ting Ru, 32, Lawyer – Workers’ Party (Marine Parade GRC)



6.) Gilbert Goh, 54, Activist – Reform Party (Ang Mo Kio GRC)



7.) Lim Swee Say, 61, Minister for Manpower – People’s Action Party (East Coast GRC)



8.) Seah Kian Peng, 53, CEO NTUC FairPrice – People’s Action Party (Marine Parade GRC)



9.) M Ravi, 46, Lawyer – Reform Party (Ang Mo Kio GRC)


10.) Chan Chun Sing, 45, Secretary General of NTUC – People’s Action Party (Tanjong Pagar GRC)



11.) Han Hui Hui, 23, Blogger – Independent (Radin Mas SMC)

General Elections 2015 Singapore


Keep a lookout for photos from today’s candidates’ walkabout!


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