Lim Swee Say delivers burn to Malaysia without knowing it

Apply cold water to burned area.

Oops, he’s done it again. On a 3 Sept rally speech, undisputed parliamentary king of quotes Lim Swee Say said in Mandarin that “it was lucky that Singapore and Malaysia separated, or we would all be Malaysians now…” (pause for effect) “Henngggg (lucky) ahhh”.


Naturally his remarks sparked some outrage and debate. Some Malaysian netizens chided him for being arrogant, insensitive and just plain rude…



But a glance at some of the top comments on’s Facebook page might just surprise you.





Ooooo burn…

Minister Lim later clarified his statement, saying that he simply meant that most of us feel very fortunate to be born in Singapore.


He’s not exactly wrong. If we were born in China or Malaysia, given the circumstances, the opportunities presented to us would have been vastly different and our lives would have been different. So yes, Mr Lim. You’re right to say that I do feel fortunate to be born in Singapore. But maybe next time, don’t announce your schadenfreude while being filmed by mainstream media.


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