What no one is saying about AHPETC

Didn’t really follow the AHPETC issue in the news?

Not to worry, Five Stars and a Moon has curated 5 graphics that show why AHPETC is grossly misunderstood.


1.  AHPETC and WP take friendships seriously

“WP took money from the man in the street and gave it to FMSS, to their friends” – overheard



2. AHPETC supports local SMEs (e.g. FMSS) by giving them more business. HUAT ah!



Source: Straits Times



3.  AHPETC shows us it’s ok to make mistakes



Read more about AHPETC‘s lapses


4.  AHPETC helps residents save money, by not collecting S&CC fees!



Source: Straits Times


5.  AHPETC helps residents save money (again!) by not paying FMSS for unsatisfactory work



Source: Mothership


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