PAP IBs move over, WP’s IBs are more aggressive and coordinated than ever

After 2011, WP supporters now believe that votes can be swung via social media. So when Manpower minister Lim Swee Say’s rally video was posted on Channel NewsAsia’s Facebook page on Thursday (3 Sept) and a large number of Facebook users suddenly started leaving largely negative comments in a very short time, it was clear that it was a coordinated attack against the anchor minister of East Coast GRC.


What does this mean, you ask? It means that WP supporters have their eye on a target that they feel is the weakest link, East Coast GRC. And they are after Lim Swee Say’s blood. Will AHPETC soon become AHPETCEC? Only the voters can decide.

Check out the comments after Lim Swee Say’s video was posted.


  1. As clearly pointed out, the writer was only expressing a personal opinion.
    It is a fact the WP’s/opposition’s IBs had always been aggressive and dominant.
    After GE 2011, more pro PAP posters and commentators emerged to challenge the aforesaid IBs.
    Anyway, more does not translate into correctness, logic or veracity.
    The PAP ECGRC team will win, and probably with an increased majority.
    I base my assessment on what had transpired in the said GRC post 2011 GE.
    All PAP MPs had been specifically advised to get right down to ground zero to serve the constituents from day one.
    The PAP ECGRC team had covered the ground very extensively, thoroughly and intensively during the 4-year interim.
    Except for WP Gerald Giam, the other WP team members are new comers with hardly any track record of grass root work attending to the ECGRC residents’ concerns, needs, welfare and other municipal issues. Ditto for Gerald.
    In fact, Gerald had complimented PAP Jessica Tan for her outstanding work at ECGRC.
    Mr Lim See Say the immediate past Manpower Minister had met his residents at micro levels face to face, one on one, to get their feedback in order that those could be resolved pronto. It was this warm personal contact with his constituents that bonded him and his team to the people in ECGRC.
    Just like the WP Aljunied A team that stayed on to defend their turf, the PAP ECGRC team did likewise.
    The logic is direct: WP team felt they had covered their ground thoroughly as did the PAP team theirs.
    The difference is that the PAP team in the former had walked the ground pretty well from 2011 – 2015.
    As an aside, the PAP Marine Parade team too had minimized their previous minuses and attended to their voters diligently, competently and passionately.
    So, the WP chance at MPGRC, based on the previous GE results ( vs NSP) is not likely to be positive at all even if perceptually the WP team is stronger than the NSP’s.The reasons are the same as those for ECGRC.
    In both GRCs, the contests are for PAP to lose.

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