PAP’s Sun Xueling is 100% Singaporean

People, meet one of the new faces from the People’s Action Party, Sun Xueling.

sun xueling pap


When Sun Xueling was first introduced to the public, there was much speculation about whether she’s Singapore-born. Her hanyu-pinyin name seems to mislead people into thinking she’s a new citizen from the PRC.

There were all sorts of not-so-nice talk about her being an ATB online. Just check out these prized lines that I’ve picked out from a local forum.

sun xueling is singaporean


Ya, I know, not nice. But hey, let’s cut ourselves some slack. Those were the earlier days last month, so perhaps people weren’t as familiar as her yet.

Later, on 22 Aug 2015. the PAP unveiled its slate of six candidates for the Pasir Ris-Punggol Group Representation Constituency (GRC) team that will contest in the upcoming General Election (GE):

1. Teo Chee Hean, 60, Deputy Prime Minister
2. Teo Ser Luck, 47, Minister of State for Trade and Industry
3. Zainal Sapari, 49, assistant secretary-general, National Trades Union Congress
4. Janil Puthucheary, 42, senior consultant, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital
5. Ng Chee Meng, 47, former Chief of Defence Force
6. Sun Xueling, 36, investment director at Temasek Holdings


Yup, Sun Xueling’s name amongst the line-up. Lest there were people who were still doubtful, we even did a further public service announcement just days ago on Facebook.


Sun Xueling is a third-generation Singaporean, who is also known as Soon Sher Rene, was born here and raised by her grandmother who encouraged her to volunteer and help the needy. She met her Beijing-born husband while studying in London. He became a Singapore citizen six years ago.

This was what she said of her husband when interviewed about his citizenship, “What’s important is he took an active step to become a Singaporean. He was attracted to the values and dynamism we have here.”


At her first rally speech near Buangkok MRT station two evenings ago, Sun Xueling also ensured that the residents know that she’s 100% Singaporean. She’d said, “大家晚上好。我是人民行动党白沙-榜鹅集选区的新候选人孙雪玲。我在新加坡出生,长大,成长,过了开心的童年。”

Good evening, everyone. I’m Sun Xueling, the new candidate for the People’s Action Party, running for the Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC. I was born in Singapore; I grew up here and had a happy childhood here.


Just when I thought whoever’s following GE2015 closely would have gotten the news by now, guess what I saw today?

This post from Jesse Loo.

Whuuuuuut? Does this man live under the stone? How come he hasn’t gotten the message, yo? Not any random person or voter, mind you. Jesse Loo is one of the candidates from the Reform Party team that is running against PM Lee’s team at Ang Mo Kio GRC.


You’d think that someone who is actually running in this election would pay more attention to news and even watch other candidates’ rally speeches, right? Or, perhaps do some googling before posting something like that?

I don’t blame you if you can’t recognize him or haven’t heard of his name. His running mates’ are more (in)famous than him. Personally, I wouldn’t have known who he is too, if not for this viral video that has been viewed over 300,000 times.

Watch. It’s a very special kind of hilarious.


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