Stuff in the SG100 time capsule

The SG50 committee is putting together stuff in a time capsule that’s going to be opened in 2065.

They’re letting you chose what’s going to go into the box (we’re assuming it’s a box). Check out some of the interesting stuff that people have nominated!

If you want to nominate and vote for your item also, point your browsers to:


1.) SIA uniform

For the fetish freaks – yes, it’s going to be washed. And no, it’s not going to be pre-worn by a stewardess. I have a feeling that the design is going to remain unchanged.



2.) NTUC membership card

Industrial harmony is built firmly on the peace between business, workers and the government. What would this landscape be like in 50 years? If there are going to be more strikes and disputes, the relationship would erode.

Long after the link points have expired, this card would serve as a good reminder of what we have enjoyed so far.






3.) Bottle of NEWater

Who knows what will happen with the water agreements between Malaysia and Singapore by then… and I wonder if anyone would like to taste this water after 50 years!




4.) N95 mask

What will happen in the next lap? Will there be worsened haze, so much so that we’ll need chemical masks instead? Or would Indonesia have burnt themselves out?




5.) ERP in-vehicle unit

Nobody loves this. It should come with a little dagger stabbed into it. By 2065, we’ll definitely have had an overhaul of the ERP system – most probably tracked and priced via GPS. Or maybe cars would have been made redundant by then and we marvel at how we used to fret over this thing called “congestion”.







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