The Great Singapore Election Sale D-9


1st September

Leading up to the General Elections, fivestarsandamoon will bring you a DAILY round-up that will give you everything you need, to place your vote. We scan the www for you for big fat general election deals, and break it down into mini offers for you.

Slogan – Judge Potong Pasir Incumbent on his actions and plans. Mr Sitoh will be hoping to get re-elected in his SMC after launching his slogan for his campaign “1 vision to actively improve Potong Pasir, working 2gether to unite the community and better the lives of 3 generations.”


Servitude – 29 year old Bernard Chen Jiaxi has professed his desire to always join politics having signed up for the opposition party back in 2006. He’ll be looking to find a marriage between the older generation and the younger population.


CPF – Having been an issue that’s been pushed around on the ground quite a bit in recent years, SDA’s Ong Teik Seng will be hoping to help unlock CPF savings for the pioneers so they may live out their golden years with peace of mind and fulfillment.


Honour – No gutter politics in this GE for SDP. They’ll be focusing on serving the needs of the people and presenting their causes and policies only for the betterment of the people. No name calling according to Party Chief Chee Soon Juan.


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