Two new additions to the NTUC

It’s been two weeks since the 2015 General Elections ended. Of course, people around know that the ruling People’s Action Party received 69.86% of vote share. The only constituency that it didn’t win was the Aljunied GRC which it had conceded to the Workers’ Party in the 2011 General Elections.

Just today, it was announced that newly elected MP Melvin Yong and Aljunied candidate Shamsul Kamar have taken on full-time senior management posts in the NTUC.


(Photo Credit: Straits Times)

It is not a new thing for PAP MPs to join the labour movement. After the 2011 General Elections, three new labour MPs joined the NTUC: Mr Ang Hin Kee, Mr Patrick Tay, and Mr Zainal Sapari. The three went on to become Assistant Secretaries-General of the NTUC in 2013.


In fact, the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew had roped in a number of trade unionists to form the People’s Action Party in 1954. This was born out of a symbiotic relationship based on a shared vision and common goal: better life for workers and better life for Singaporeans.

Over the years, many MPs have championed for the voices of workers in Parliament. They include:

1.) Lim Swee Say, Manpower Minister


2.) Chan Chun Sing, NTUC Secretary-General

Chan Chun Sing_2_0

3.) Heng Chee How, NTUC Deputy Secretary-General


4.) Halimah Yacob, former Speaker of Parliament


5.) Josephine Teo, Senior Minister of State for Finance and Transport



Labour MPs champion for workers and act as the voice of workers in Parliament. Often, they bring with them the concerns and views of workers into parliamentary debates.

For example, during the annual Budget debates, Labour MPs touch on how government policies will affect workers or even call on the government to improve certain policies to improve the lives of not just the workers, but Singaporeans in general.

So, what better way to make a good MP but have them work with the common worker to understand the lives of workers and the common man?




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