Why does Workers’ Party’s proposals sound familiar???


After listening to the Workers’ Party’s rally speeches, have you wondered why some of them seem so familiar?

That’s because some of the proposals are some of the programmes and schemes that are already in force now.

Here are 15 proposals they have put forth over the past few days which in fact have already been introduced by the government way before the general elections were called.

1.) Achieve 1% annual resident workforce growth


In 2013, then labour-chief Lim Swee Say had already talked about the transitioning of our Singapore economy to have a 1% workforce growth.

2.) Invest in Singaporean workers to improve productivity

Productivity - Waiter drone

The Productivity and Innovation Credit scheme as well as the Inclusive Growth Programme introduced in 2010 was implemented to help Singaporeans to improve their productivity.

3.) Family-Friendly work policies to encourage the elderly and women to work


Family-friendly work policies have been championed for by the NTUC which has relevant departments looking towards championing back-to-work women and working seniors.

4.) Job redesign


Before moving to the Manpower Ministry, Mr Lim Swee Say coined the term ‘Easier, Smarter, Safer’, to call on employers to redesign jobs so that they are not just elderly friendly, but more productive and safer for all workers.

5.) National Minimum Wage


The labour movement launched the Progressive Wage Model which has a minimum wage component in it so that the wages of an employee increases as the productivity, skills and job of the employee increases. This way, the wages of the employee can increase sustainably.

6.) Improve Retirement Adequacy


The CPF is constantly reviewed by the CPF Advisory Panel which consists of employer, union and government representatives to constantly improve the retirement adequacy of Singaporean workers.

7.) Set up National Agencies to Groom SMEs


SPRING Singapore provides a broad range of programmes to support capability development by SMEs, as the primary agency which looks after the SME sector.

8.) Support a Conducive SME Business Environment

The Ministry of Trade and Industry introduced a series of measures to enhance support for small and medium to restructure and achieve quality growth.

9.) Benchmark Productivity Performance

SPRING Singapore has introduced an Integrated Management of Productivity Activities (IMPACT) framework to guide organisations on how to measure and mange productivity holistically and systematically.

10.) Student Care Support


The then-Ministry for Community Development, Youth and Sports (now Ministry for Social and Family Development) announced in 2008 that it would work with the Education Ministry to increase the number of school-based Student Care Centres.

These support the needs of families who need care and guidance for their primary school-going children during their off-school hours.

11.) Support Work Life Harmony


Work-life strategies have been championed for by the NTUC in the form of fleixble work arrangements, which in turn benefit both businesses and employees in terms of improved productivity and enhanced performance levels.

12.) Fight Problem Gambling


The National Council for Problem Gambling (NCPG) was launched in 2005 to provide advice and feedback to the Ministry of Social and Family Development on social concerns related to problems arising from gambling.

13.) Government Contracting Model


The Bus Contracting Model was introduced in 2014 by the government to make public bus services more responsive to changes in ridership and commuter needs. With more competition in the industry, higher service levels for commuters can be expected over time.

14.) Reviving the Hawker Centre

simpang bedok 640

In 2011, the government made an announcement that 10 new hawker centres would be built in the next decade to keep alive the unique aspect of Singaporean culture.

15.) Promoting Cycling Towns


The 2013 Land Transport Master Plan introduced a National Cycling Plan which develops cycling routes for recreational and short commuting purposes to be integrated into a comprehensive network throughout Singapore.





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