Your Letters: Blaming election results on new citizens is juvenile

The letter below had been submitted by Chong Wei Hao, 29, executive.


Of all the retarded comments from the sore losers, is that new citizens are parachuted in to swing the votes for the PAP.

Sure, you can say that we’re like North Korea and China like how Kenneth Jeyetretnam did.



Or you can blame it on the 7th month, the SG50 celebrations or LKY’s passing.

But when people blame it on new citizens and even attempts maths on it, I think it is very retarded.

Someone saw that the vote swing was about 300k towards the PAP side and decided that it was because there were exactly 300k new citizens in the past 4 years.

This made as much sense as charging an ex-cabinet colleague for sodomy.




Come on – three hundred thousand people is a. lot. of. people. It is impossible and ridiculous to ask and expect them to vote for a political party just because you got citizenship.

Or is it because the new citizen doesn’t have to pay ERP, COE, GST, income taxes or that the trains they sit on are so special they don’t break down?

Oh yes, of course – all these 300k new citizens are evenly dispersed all over Singapore to ensure the 70% vote swing required. And most of them are forced to live in Punggol East, Aljunied, Hougang and Potong Pasir to get the results right. *rolls eyes*

How about 2011 and the strong Opposition win? Did the new citizens suddenly go on holiday in the elections and By-Elections?

If the Democrats in America gave you a green card, does that mean that you’re going to start voting them in blindly? Of course not, you’re going to do like what each American does – take part in their politics and make informed decisions.

And after blaming these new citizens, an equally retarded commentary by Alex Tan’s blog “The States Times” encourages Singaporeans to migrate to other countries…and become the migrants/new citizens themselves on someone else’s turf.

Let’s be realistic – if the complaining politicians are any good, they would have found ways to win over the new citizens as well.



(This new citizen clearly didn’t vote for PAP)


  1. Well-written! In fact, it goes further than that. I have been accused of the same thing, even when 2015 marks my SG40 (and I have been here for 90% of the past 40 years). But I suppose some of the naysayers think we are stupid and naive enough (just ‘off the boat’??) to be ‘brainwashed’ (as some have literally put it!) and/or to be currying favour. As though the PAP would have favoured me in any way, shape or form for supporting the Party?? Surely the PAP is not that ‘desperate’!

    I can’t help but wonder what their reaction would have been if more of us ‘new citizens’ had become opposition activists instead. I reckon the comments would have been less vitriolic and – do I daresay it – less racist.

  2. Well I must disagree on the part about the new Americans voting Democrat

    Most Americans will not give a shit about politics. Majority of Americans don’t vote.

  3. It more like the work of the mainstream media… blasting endlessly.. To quote someone online “Mediacorp was the most shameless. PM’s Nat Day Speech and the details of the goodies announced then were repeated day and night, even in between news bulletin, during the campaign period.
    And those news were already overdone 2 weeks before by all medias, so where is there the need to keep repeating if not to help the incumbents?”

    Also continued blasting on the day after, this time on the radio spoiling my enjoyment of 90.5 and which si finally switched off the radio for this irritating ‘victory’ blast?

    They seem to be learning well from Adolf Hitler – to quote him:

    “The receptivity of the masses is very limited. Their intelligence is small but their power of forgetting is enormous. In consequence of these facts all effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and we must harp on these in slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want them to understand.” ~Adolf Hitler

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