10 Questions with Flora (Floraisabelle)

We caught up with blogger Flora to play 10 Questions with her.




Q1. How long have you been blogging at Floraisabelle.com? And how did you get started?

Flora: I’ve been blogging for a really long time… like since I was 15. So that makes it a good 15 years. Ooops did I just give away my age hahaha? But Flora Isabelle started when I moved to Thailand in 2010 and wanted to document my life in Bangkok but WordPress decided to mess me up and I lost everything suddenly one day (Oh nooo….) and now I’m at floraisabelle.com with everything double and triple backed up haha.


Q2. Describe your writing/blogging style in a tweet.

Flora: I try to make you smile, laugh, cry and think. Preferably all at the same time.



Q3. Love your blogposts on What I Instagrammed vs What I Really Did! So tell us, how much of the photos are real?

Flora: I do put in quite a bit of effort behind my photos including socially unacceptable behaviour like…


(This was just TWO DAYS AGO! In Perth!!!)

But of course I only do this with fellow Instagrammers who understand the need to capture pretty photos haha.


Q4. Your series of Conversations with the Boy is also very popular with your readers. Is your other half comfortable with how much of your private lives you share online?

Flora: Because of his job nature – I tend to be more careful about what I post online about him / us. I’m quite paranoid in the sense that I’ll usually make sure he gives the green light before I publish anything remotely related to him.



Q5. Since we’re on the question of your other half, does he scowl so much IRL? (Totally adorbs in photos though…)

Flora: YES. That is his default expression all the time that I didn’t even notice he was scowling until people kept pointing out my photos to me!



Q6. We noticed that one of your recent blogposts, 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about NTUC, has been seen over 700 shares in less than a week and even Mdm Ho Ching has shared it on Facebook. On a scale of zero to 10, how excited are you?

Flora: 9! 10 if it’s her husband who shared it :P :P :P :P



Q7. You’d mentioned about the amount of research done on that NTUC post. Did you know anything about tripartism before this article? What was the thing that surprised you the most during your research? And why?

Flora: I knew a little here and there but I wouldn’t say I was an expert on the topic. I’m obviously still not an expert but I wish that more people will know more about what I know! (Even if it’s just that slightly more than little bit!)

What surprised me most? Hmmm… probably the fact that union leaders do not get paid for their work. I think I’ve come to accept Singaporeans to have a fairly strong sense of entitlement and self-centeredness (please don’t bash me for this!) and to see people go above & beyond to just help others / people they don’t know for years on end… it’s a very touching thing to know.



Q8. Do you wanna share a clip of yourself singing the NTUC song since it’s stuck in your head so much?

Flora: NOOOOOO. I’m so tone deaf it’s not even funny!!!!!!


Q9. One of your recent blogposts, Meeting the Tans, was so so so sad! Can you share your most personal of personal feelings after visiting Mr and Mrs Tan?

Flora: I just felt so so so cham (Hokkien for sorry I think?) I can’t even express how exactly that felt – I remember I went to meet my husband’s colleagues after leaving their place and I couldn’t stop telling them about their story and asking them why why why and how how how can life be so unfair.


Q10. Let’s do one of those random questions for our last question. When was the last time you cried? And why?

Flora: Uhhh. Last week. I suffer from extreme estrogen induced manic depressive bipolar disorder prone to psychopatic rage also know as PMS so anything and everything will trigger the waterworks. That probably explains the husband’s strategically planned monthly fishing trips till 2050.



Follow Flora on the days (and nights, hehe!) of her life here, or check out her Facebook page and Instagram for more lovely pics!






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