Everyone lies. Be it trying to protect your loved one from a harsh truth or simply just because we are assholes who enjoy keeping things to ourselves to avoid getting into trouble. Lying is not a bad thing in a relationship (doesn’t mean I advocate lying), sometimes it’s better to keep some things to yourself if it doesn’t benefit the other person. White lies that will NOT hurt a person is okay, but if you’re lying to intentionally hurt your loved one than you might wanna rethink your values in life… And maybe not be in a relationship at all?


 Of course if you have a healthy relationship that is filled with openness and honesty, with no lying involved, than good for you. Lets hope you’re not delusional.


1) You are the “one” for me

Typical bullsh*t line a guy would ever use on a girl. He’s probably said it to every other girlfriend before you. The truth here is “you are the one… for now la”. But you won’t hear him adding in the last bit because you’d flip out if he does.


2) I’m sorry

No he isn’t. He’s only saying sorry so you won’t give him a hard time by nagging at him constantly until he actually apologises. He is saying sorry to save his ears from bleeding.


3) I don’t watch porn

Do we need to explain this? Come on… If he is a man, he is watching porn. If he isn’t you should be worried.


4) You look good in anything

Maybe he meant it once or twice, but most of the time he really just wants you to get out of the house cause you’ve already made him wait 2 hours from having your princess shower and taking your time applying clown makeup.


5) I’m having supper with my friends

It could probably mean he is clubbing with his friends and doesn’t want you to stay up all night worrying about what he could be doing.


6) I would never lie to you

REALLY AH? So good meh?


7) Your food damn shiok

What he really means to say is, “Even if it tastes like crap, I will still tell you it’s nice so I don’t get scolded for being unappreciative.”


8) You’re not fat la

Every boyfriend has said this more than once to their girlfriend from being asked “Am I fat?”. Yes, it is a trap. If you want to tell her she looks fat then may God bless your soul.


9) Everything is okay

Things might not be okay, but he wants to assure you that you have nothing to worry about. He’s a man after all he should be able to handle his own problems, but if they are big problems surely he would share it with you.


10) “Can, no problem”…

Even if he had a problem with window shopping, he will not have the willpower to tell you this… He just wants to appease you so you don’t unleash your inner mother of dragons and go all Khaleesi on his a$$.


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