3 acupuncture points to treat the headaches… (National Delegates Conference)

National Delegates' Conference


Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners believe in the need to treat the root cause of a problem. This is starkly different from the western approach of treating the symptoms. For example, the use of acupuncture to treat ailments such as headache might involve poking needles at certain points of the body – known as acupuncture points –  rather than at the area where pain is felt.

Chan Chun Sing

Which is why, at the end of the 2nd day of the NTUC’s National Delegates Conference, labour chief Chan Chun Sing revealed the plans of labour movement, which is aptly termed,  LM2019.

National Delegates' Conference

Over the next four years, the NTUC will centre its work around 3 key thrusts – Care, Fair, and Grow -, which he likens to be the acupuncture points to tackle and treat the 4 ‘Headaches‘ (challenges) which the labour movement will face in the coming years.


According to Chan, the 3 areas will allow the NTUC “to care for its working people”, “ensure that employers are fair to their workers”, and “help workers to grow their careers”.

He added that regardless of the challenges which the labour movement will face. these 3 key thrusts will remain unchanged.

Tomorrow, 29 October 2015, the 800-strong delegates will elect a 21-member Central Committee to bring the NTUC forward into the next four years.


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