76 year old kisses 9 year old…yes, now you cannot unsee

Relief teacher decided that it would be a good idea to kiss a 9 year old student on her lips because she remind him of his ex.

This retiree must have one kind of memory, either that or he’s got a pensive where he keeps his memories fresh and revisits them from time to time. Revisiting those memories he saw his ex girlfriend from when he was a teenager in the eyes of a nine year old child.

The 76 year old knew he couldn’t possibly kiss a student in front of other students, even a peck on the cheek also will kena la, so he had her carry his books out for him and then kissing her. Wah ah pek you got wife and grown children and you claim to want grand children but you go around kissing a nine year old on the lips.

It may not have been a full frontal assault on her modesty but it’s still trauma inducing. Being in a position of trust and breaking that trust that a child has for her teachers should warrant punishment, in accordance with his crime. Plus he’s 76 years old, dude you’re old enough to be her great grandfather.

His lawyer, Edmond Pereira doesn’t condone the actions of his client, however he did label the action as a “fleeting peck…nothing more”. Bro, if this nine year old was your daughter you sure wouldn’t think that.

In sentencing him, Judge Mathew noted the wide age gap – almost seven decades – between the accused and the victim. “Instead of educating her, you chose to exploit her”, the judge said.

The elderly man has to go to jail.



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