APP ban: Come on Coldstorage, you could do better!

Supermarket co-operative NTUC Fairprice had withdrawn all paper products sourced from Asia Pulp & Paper Group. 18 APP related products had been withdrawn from supermarkets island-wide.

CEO of Fairprice Seah Kian Peng stopped short of calling it a boycott. “Our decision to withdraw all APP products is a result of the temporary restriction of their Green Label certification”, said Seah.

Whatever he calls it, the withdrawal looks to me like a firm sanction on APP. A firm message to corporations that they do not get to profit off the damages done to people and society.

All APP products have been pulled off the shelves of Fairpice.

What about Coldstorage?

The retailer tells shoppers that they have merely “suspended the purchase of APP products”. That’s hardly convincing.


If Dairy Farm wants to send a strong message, they have to show it to society by removing the products off the shelves: lock, stock and barrel.

It doesn’t matter if they have stocked warehouses full of APP products: give them away to charity. Tell these corporations that they cannot get profit from the suffering of people, environment and property.





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