Back to the hustle at CHC

It’s been about a week since the last verdict for the CHC 6, but during service over the weekend, it was back to the weekly hustle.


Church doesn’t exist for one man alone, or six in this matter. It seems that despite the verdict of the CHC case, Kong Hee and his fellowship are still standing on unshakable ground. Whilst it is always good to know you have insurmountable support, it is slightly off putting to those outside of the community to see why. Perhaps it’s because we do not belong to the church or perhaps we see how a religion should be very differently.

Kong Hee took to the stage at CHC and gave a rousing public apology with much fanfare. There were long prayers, outbreak in tongues (a spiritual gift) and bravado. Kong began in prayer, addressed new faces and gave welcome gifts before hitting home with the main issue. He recognised that it has been a tough week in the wake of the trial. He reiterated Sun Ho’s as well as the rest of the board’s disappointment at the outcome of the trial, and insisted that CHC will grow stronger and that God has a future for them.

His apology was followed by elaborate bows to all faces of the congregation and even garnered a standing ovation. He apologised to CHC goers for the trials and tribulations they faced from family, friends and colleagues, but thanked them for their unwavering faith and support. He apologised that they had to suffer under his leadership, however he hasn’t renounced it. He closed his apology and his speech with love, saying “City Harvest, I love you. I really, really do love you. Always have and always will.”


Another pastor along with members from the board step up after Kong is finished to then explain the verdict. They bring up specific paragraphs from the verdict to explain the judgement that was passed. The singling out of certain paragraphs made it look like the six acted in favour of the church and the evangelical work they were doing albeit through dishonest means. Bottom line the message was clear, we did wrong but only because we loved and wanted to help the church grow.


Kong then leads the church in prayer once again, before Aries, the same pastor that explained the verdict returns. Aries whips out a white envelope from his jacket and asks the crowd to give. This is what he said “I want to encourage you. You know what, we love City Harvest Church. We love the vision that God has given to us, and we love God. Today I want to encourage you. Why don’t we just give… to God; not to man, not to anybody. But we give to him. Why? Simply because we love him. Simply because he love us. Simply because how much he has given to each and every one of us. His one and only son.”



What’s God going to do with all that cash?


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