Bird photographers torture fish to take photos of birds.

You have to be one kind of sad person to not like nature, but some people like nature a bit too much.

Bird watchers, we’ve got quite a few of those in Singapore. Those keen avian fiends who stare at trees whether with their binoculars or with their telescopic lenses attached to their DSLRs. There’s a recent video going around showing some avid photographers stuffing air into live fishes so they float on the surface of the water so that birds of prey can swoop down and makan these buggers.I mean the fishes are going to be food soon, but that’s still down right cruel la.


And it’s very ironic because they’re out there capturing the beauty of nature but they’re also just doing it in such a bastardized way. They want to capture the raw power, grace and elegance of these Grey-headed Fish Eagles (yes Singapore got Eagle one), but they need some way to lure those fellas down from their lofty skies. So they get live fishes and make them buoyant.


They were reported for their cruel ways on an international birding blog, 10,000 birds.

The post.

The purpose of using bait was to be able to capture action shots of the bird swooping in for the kill. Doing so, however, presented a few problems. First, the fish had to be alive and struggling otherwise the fish eagles would ignore it. Second, the fish needed to be afloat at the water’s surface so the photographers would know where to point their lenses in anticipation of an eagle’s approach.

These photographers came up with an utterly horrifying solution: A photographer used a twig he picked off the ground to stuff pieces of white material into the fish’s mouth. These were polystyrene foam chunks (also known as styrofoam), used to ensure that the fish does not sink but instead remains afloat on the water’s surface.

So the fish is filled with these objects not meant to be in them to tempt this birds down. These birds are tempted down because this gundus like to look at them so much they need to take a picture of them, not like they work for National Geographic or what, this will just go into their photo album. Then these birds that they love so much will eat the fish, and all the styrofoam they forced into the fish as well. Then these birds will die.

Video source:

You get it?

These nature lovers and bird lovers are killing nature and the birds.

This my friends, is the definition of stupidity. Not to miss out that it’s cruel.


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