Creepy Stalker Relentlessly Hounds Victim Online.

This story was floating around the interwebs and it tells the story of a lady looking for love on the internet, but obviously finds a creeper.

She was using OkCupid, a popular online dating website, but with anything on the internet you can’t really trust who sits on the other end.

What’s a creeper you ask? A creeper is much like a creeping plant, where it leeches onto you and stalks you wherever you go. But then again it’s a price many have to pay hen finding for love on the internet.

So this is the story according to imgur user poopyzoid.

OKC1“I’m not allowed to say his username so lets call this Dan-1. His real name is neither dan, danny or daniel either btw. He first started messaging me with this account. My OKC profile had one simple line that said “I just got out of relationship” so he went all out with the “you deserve to be happy and in love again”. He’s latching on that and hoping I’d be emotionally unstable to sweep me off my feet. psh..”


trying too hard.


He basically view my profile every single hour. I get notifications whenever people view me and it’s always him at the very top.


I’ve been feeling too awkward to turn him down but by this point I needed to put him out of his misery and tell him I wasn’t interested.

OKC5I get too many messages and barely read thought my inbox but what I didn’t realise was that at the same time this was happening, he created a Dan-2 account with an almost similar username to try again. He uploaded photos of himself with his faces on it but they were all not the same pictures from the Dan-1 account. Meaning same guy same face but different pictures. so for some reason he thought I wouldn’t be able tor recognise him.

I ignored of course and decided to disable my okcupid account because I can’t be bothered with it. at this point i was only on okcupid for less than 24 hours.

OKC6So with my okc account disabled, dude started looking for me on Facebook. To be honest I find this very invasive. I clearly don’t want to talk to you on okc, what makes you think I will talk to you on facebook?

Anyway he started pretending to have seen me in an old home town that I moved out of several years ago and I called him out on it because it makes no sense why he’s been wondering where I’ve been if he’s just a stranger in public.


I went through his photos and they look very damn familiar. Again, the photos are not the same as the one uploaded on Dan-1 and Dan-2 but it’s definitely the same guy with the same face. He has very distinctive shit teeth so I knew it was him.


He pretended to not know what I’m talking about and went as far to say he has never heard of Okcupid. I asked for his name and he said it’s Daniel. duhhhh….

OKC9Pretending that someone must’ve used his pictures on okcupid. Doesn’t explain how come he coincidentally found me on facebook. I blocked the dude by this point.

Then I remembered something…

OKC10Earlier before the whole thing started, I remember receiving a message by leud username that ended with a ‘tron’ which Danny boy has in all his multiple accounts. It can’t just be a coincidence. I remember this being one of the first message I received when I created the account so this must be the very first he sent to me and when it received no reply due to the lewd username, he unleashed the Dan-1 account.

I reactivated my okcupid account to retrieve this message.

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