Death by (Aromatherapy) Diffuser

Safety Precautions When Using a Diffuser

A man in his 30s caught on fire while preparing aromatherapy diffuser for family in the bathroom of their master bedroom.

It was a nightly routine for Mr Rizalludin and his family since the start of the haze. On the night of October 13 this seemingly harmless routine turned deadly. When interviewed by TNP his wife, Madam Nurul, says they heard a loud sound “like a cupboard had toppled over”. Mr Rizalludin came running out of the room, his entire body covered in flames. He was admitted into ICU at Singapore General Hospital for approximately nine days.

Unfortunately on October 22nd, Mr Rizalludin’s struggle to stay alive had come to an end.

Full story here: Man dies after explosion while preparing aromatherapy diffuser.

From all of us at FSaaM, our deepest condolences. 


Can we prevent another such tragedy?


Essential Oil Safety Information:

Essential Oils are highly concentrated liquids that can be harmful if not used carefully. It is important to learn and apply the correct methods of using essential oils safely. These guidelines are not a complete safety reference for the proper use of essential oils. When in doubt, seek professional advice from a physician or trained aromatherapy consultants.


  • Essential Oils should never be used directly on skin unless advisable.

There are skilled aromatherapy practicioners who use essential oils diluted/undiluted on skin for healing therapy. However if you do not have an expansive knowledge on the proper usage and dose of applying aromatherapy oils, you are advised never to apply any type of essential oil undiluted unto the skin.


  • Essential Oils should never be injested without guidance from a skilled practioner or until you have gained enough knowledge and understanding of the risks and safety applications and dosages.

Some essential oils are often injested without the need of understanding safety info, however because essential oils are highly concentrated it is advisable to not injest any type of essential oil without first having the knowledge and understanding of each product.


  • Essential Oils are FLAMMABLE!

Keep your essential oils away from fire hazards.



Here are a few precautions and safety measures when using a diffuser:

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  1. Always clean up any essential oil spills on your diffuser and your hands.
  2. Close the container immediately after filling it up with essential oil.
  3. If using a diffuser that require fire, ignite away from the location where you had first filled up the diffuser with essential oil. This is to avoid igniting any unseen oil spills left behind.
  4. Blow out the flame after 1 or 2 minutes from ignition to prevent combustion.
  5. Position burner head away from young children and/or pets.
  6. It is advisable to purchase an electronic diffuser instead of burners so as to minimize risk of explosion.


Recommended diffusers found here: Young Living Essential Oil Diffusers & Tools


Safety Measures:

  1. Keep your diffuser of essential oils away from any fire hazards.
  2. Do not leave flame/s unattended at all times.
  3. Always blow out the flame and not smother it with other objects.
  4. Never re-use one flame from one diffuser to light another.
  5. Keep essential oils in safe location away from ignited diffuser

Why? Because we love you all! 

Stay Safe Everyone. 

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