EUGENE just-doing-his-job NG

We all have that family member we are embarrassed of, right? I think this is the country’s equivalent.


Probably to gain LIKES and show off that he travels, this joker PJ Wong writes a lengthy post to shame an “Officer Eugene Ng”, an Immigration & Custom Authority personnel – who shall henceforth be called Eugene-Just-Doing-His-Job-Ng – who had stopped him to scan his belongings.

PJ Wong, who shall henceforth be referred to as the joker “jokingly” asks him what he saw in his “outlook” (wrong usage of word by the way) that made him pick him over others.

Errr. dude. That is EXACTLY what a Customs & Immigration Officer is trained to do. expertly / at random pick people out for security checks.

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“I raised my voice this time to make sure I would be heard.” says the joker.


“I raised my voice this time to make sure I would be heard.” says the joker.

“I had already gone through immigration before I collected my luggage, and his job was really just to check my luggage at the scanner.” continues the joker.

Er, firstly, some respect here for this guy’s job, dude? You raised your voice, and you wonder why he feels the need to flag you as a potential threat? Up until here, you as a person has gone through immigration, yes, that means your ID checks out. But of course your bags are still subject to checks. In some countries, officers bring dogs at this point to sniff out idiots and smugglers, and potential criminals. It is through this process that they catch people bringing in livestock that can introduce new bacteria to our ecosystem, undeclared taxable items like alcohol and cigarettes… drugs, etc.  

“he ordered me to follow him to the search room… I refused.”

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“I refused” says the joker

“I started taking video of the events that would follow.”

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“I started taking video…” says the joker

No no nooooo. whipping out your phone?! Dude, you’re not on a gameshow. – your phone could be used to trigger a bomb, or document officers faces and names and positions in the airport (which you did) which puts their jobs at risk – imagine if you really are part of a terrorist cell, you’ve just done your team a big favour, in piecing together the anatomy of the airport security.


The multiple business owner who has chosen to not live in Singapore because of such incidents goes on to use big words like “an abuse of power” and “an infringement of my rights” and “injustice” and wraps up with some sarcasm: “I wish officer Eugene Ng a successful career checking luggages at Changi.”


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The number of friends who supported the joker on his Facebook page.

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