How a man’s life was turned around with help from DPM Tharman

DPM Tharman more than just your man in an office.

Mr Weevyn To, a former druggie and gangster with the help of family, church, a strong sense of self belief and DPM Tharman managed to turn his life around and find his own happiness. The 32 year old remembers hiding from the military police back when he was supposed to serve his national service as he went AWOL for a year and a half.

His turning point came when his grandfather who looked after him after his own parents split up fell ill and was taken to hospital. The guilt he felt at not being able to look after his own grandfather because of his status as a fugitive was a turning point for Mr To.

He surrendered, not just physically but entirely. Deciding to change his life and make a place for himself in society. He approached DPM Tharman for help after his stint in DB and he was introduced to a grassroots volunteer Mr Chan who owned a furniture business. He gave Mr To a job and urged him to pursue his passion of helping others.

Mr To, enrolled for his Bachelors in Social Work at SIM but was initially turned down due to his lack of qualifications. He wasn’t one to be deterred and he realised that there was another way to get into the course, by taking his SATs. He did that and DPM Tharman also wrote in to the Lee Foundation to defray his course fees.


In an e-mail message to Mr To, Mr Tharman wrote: “Your story inspires. You made the most of a second chance and I am just glad to have been a part of your life.”

Though he is now a social worker, Mr To does not see the need to remove his tattoos. “It helps me connect better with the youths as they know I won’t judge them. I thought I was trash but with hope and love, all is possible.”


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