How To Get A Free Abortion

Social escorts get free abortions. What else do they get for free?

My friends were talking about 3 social escort agencies which were recently busted for taking earnings from social escorts involved in vice-related activities.

In a nutshell, these agencies were profiting from social escorts who were paid to have sex.

One friend said, “Did you know social escorts get free abortions?”

We stared at her and asked her how she knew. This is her story.

How to become a social escort

Social escort

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Some years ago, she (let’s call her M) was an undergraduate studying in a local university. Back then, there was a flurry of media coverage on the social escort service which were in vogue due to the increasing accessibility of internet and culture of online purchasing.

M saw an advertisement in a local magazine’s classifieds section for promising social escorts. She was sceptical but reading some sensationalised stories (of anonymous escorts who claimed to be showered with gifts and earning hundreds in one night) on the internet was too tempting to her to dismiss the opportunity.

She called the number in the advertisement and was asked to meet at Orchard area a few days after. Dressed in a Victoria’s Secret halter top and Pepperplus short skirt, she arrived at Orchard, only to be told to proceed to the Singapore Marriott Hotel lobby next to Tangs Plaza.

The interview – best looking wins

M was interviewed by a middle aged man wearing office attire in one of the settees. He had 5 handphones placed on the table, with a few girls hovering by waiting for their turn. Most girls were Chinese, wearing clubbing attire and looked like ah lians. They were also slim and wore heavy makeup.

In contrast, M had studied all her life and never had a full time job, making ends meet via giving tuition on her free days. She didn’t know how to wear eyeliner and her makeup kit consisted of foundation, blusher and lip gloss.

Interview questions – be prepared

Her interviewer gave her the once over look, asked for her height and weight, vital stats, education, languages spoken, IC card (only Singapore citizens or PR were accepted), diet, single/married, virgin/non-virgin, prior social escort experience, willingness to have sex, HIV/STD infection and available timings.

Types of jobs for social escorts

She asked what kind of dates are expected. Her interviewer replied that based on her stats and her plain makeup, her jobs would be to meet male clients who preferred a “quick meeting” at a nearby hotel. It would last one to two hours and she would be paid about $500 for each meeting. The agency would get a 40% cut and any abortions with related medical bills would be covered by the client. Apparently, clients were also screened for HIV.

M asked what other jobs were available, seeing as she could hold a conversation in English and had a good education. The reply was that the higher end jobs of being an event escort (accompanying the male client to events and anything after was open to negotiation) were reserved for girls with model figures. These jobs could make up to a few thousand dollars a night for the top grade escorts, and the clients would pay for the dress, dinner, jewellery, makeup and whatever else the escort required. M didn’t make the grade.

Deal or no deal?

A week after the interview, M received her first SMS stating the date, time, location, hotel, duration and fees. She had spent the week contemplating how to refuse the job offer as she thought about all the STDs and weird stuff she could contract from the client.

She politely replied to the SMS that she decided not to become a social escort, and she has never regretted that decision.


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