ICA delivers ultimate burn to PJ i-have-my-rights Wong



The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) had just delivered a knock-out manoeuvre to PJ Wong, the man who insists on his “rights” not to be checked at airport border control.




In case you’ve been living under a wifi-less rock, here’s what triggered the whole fiasco:

pj wong changi airport

Oh and remember that he naively thought that people were supporting him:


Well, today ICA delivers him the ultimate burn with some very sarcastic notes specifically for people like him:

“The vast majority of travellers understand and support these security requirements”


So get with the program – the ICA officers, well any border control officer actually… has no need to be nice and courteous to you. In fact, the more they intimidate you the better: because they are there for a reason..and that reason is for the protection of law abiding citizens everywhere.

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