Indonesia “Considering” declaring the forest fires a national emergency

The forest fires can come and go and they’ll still be considering.

Indonesia is considering declaring a national emergency over fires that have been smouldering across the archipelago for weeks, sending haze drifting across much of South-east Asia, the vice-president said on Tuesday.

It’s been nearly two months now, and Indonesia has had much to say, especially VP Kalla. He’s declined help from his neighbours, then chided us for saying we’d help but we didn’t put our words into action (Because you say don’t need, don’t want what) and then for calling us stingy when we actually did help. The Vice President has also said in the past that Singapore should stop complaining about the haze because they’ve provided us with fresh air for so long.


It is unclear how VP Kalla arrived at any of his statements or why he’s still in a seat of power despite his errant thoughts and ridiculous statements. Isn’t there someone who’s keeping tabs on this fella or an adviser to tell him “Vice President, I don’t think you should say this during the interview.”


“The problem is too big,” Kalla said in an interview at his office in Jakarta. “We are now considering to,” he said, referring to a declaration of an emergency, adding that thousands of troops would be deployed to help combat the fires.


But is it a little too late now? Couldn’t he have asked for help two months ago before the fires got worst and the citizens of Indonesia suffer. Children and the sick have felt the brunt of it and some have even died from the worsening situation. The last emergency that Indonesia declared was in the event of the tsunami that struck Aceh and killed more than 100,000 people. This hasn’t claimed as many lives but it has contributed to pollution and has affected not just one country but a multitude around the region.


VP Kalla has been very vocal in his approach, but it lacks anything without movement.


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