PJ-InfringeMyRights-Wong thinks Singaporeans are supporting him

PJ Wong believes that “fellow” Singaporeans would share his point of view and stand up for him.

Wah brother, you can’t be further from the truth la.





DUDE! They’re sharing/liking your article not because they like you – click through and see what they’re commenting on: they hate your guts! And they’re adding you as a friend because they want more info of you to shame you to high heavens! 

Sooo….We randomly picked 15 comments from around the internet, and it all showed a unified stance. In favour of the man in blue, Officer Eugene.


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There’s even a page set up right now for people to support the officer who got slagged: https://www.facebook.com/Well-done-Officer-Eugene-Ng-keep-it-up-1701115636778797/

So Wong, you see nobody actually agrees that you’ve been singled out or had your rights challenged. Sometimes you do need to take a step back from the situation assess it and come to the ultimate and most logical of conclusions, that you’re just not that important, or at least not as important as you believe yourself to be.






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