Judge had to shut HHH up several times during trial

So HHH and Ngerng are getting their cases heard in court, and they’ve opted to defend themselves, because they probably believe lawyers will take their CPF money.

We all thought we’d seen the last of Han Hui Hui, at least I did. It was bad enough having to deal with her during the General Elections and having her turn a serious affair into a running circus along with a few others.


But Han is not on trial for her misconceptions about politics or her failure to realise that she’s taking herself way too seriously and that nobody really cares about her or the vomit she spews. She’s on trial for her protest. The demonstration took place with an official approval (Singapore need approval to protest, yes) and it took place whilst a performance was going on. A performance put on by children with downs syndrome.

They marched their little march and they chanted their little chants, (speaking about HHH and her cronies here) and they scared the daylights out of some children who assumed they’d be performing for their parent’s and carekeepers. The children were said to have been traumatised as children suffering from downs syndrome are sensitive to loud and sudden noises.


Despite the major douchebaggery on display from Han and her cronies, she felt no pang of guilt as her CPF has yet to be returned, partly because she’s only in her 20s. The judge had to stop Han from pursuing a relentless line of irrelevant questioning which only frustrated witnesses and caused tensions to rise.


In one instance, Han asked a witness: “Do you think YMCA did a good job in the event?” The witness replied, “it’s just like a wedding function and someone brings a coffin around. Do you think you will be happy?”

For disrupting the YMCA event and causing a public nuisance, each of the accused can be ordered to pay a fine of up to S$1,000.

For organising a demonstration without prior approval, Han could be ordered to pay a fine of up to S$5,000.


The trial continues.


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