Kalla wants us to be like Najib

Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla praised the attitude of Najib, for not complaining and for supporting Indonesia through the crisis.

“Indonesia is thankful to Pak Najib and everyone, there is formal agreement at the ASEAN level on the (forest and estate) fires … (and) if necessary to resolve the problems together, Indonesia is grateful for the joint efforts,” Mr Kalla said. Najib had visited Indonesia for two days during the haze crisis to seek cooperation in the palm oil industry as well as to provide suggestions to curb the forest fires.


Jusuf Kalla has blamed everything and everyone for something that has started in his own country. Shouldn’t the authorities of one’s country be more tuned in to their own land and to take responsibility when something goes wrong? Doesn’t seem to be how Kalla thinks.


He has said that wind blows the haze over to Singapore and that it is out of their control. Nature controls the wind says Kalla, yet he doesnt believe that nature controls the fresh air too, and that Indonesia has provided us with so much fresh air for so long. It is apparent that basic science is not relevant to Kalla, neither are civic and moral values.

We should all be like Najib then.


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