Online VS Offline Shopping, Why not both?

With the internet and an array of products you can buy online from TVs to clothes, offline shopping has become something of a chore.

Singapore Post has the perfect solution to satisfy the modern shoppers every need. They’re developing a mall and cineplex that would offer both online and offline shopping. It may seem confusing but this is what it means. You’ll be able to purchase items the traditional way by walking into a storefront and choosing what you want, see and feel the product before making your purchase. On top of that you’ll be able to decide if you want to pick the product up at a different time or have it delivered straight to your doorstep. Meaning you’ll never have to carry bulky items home anymore.


What it means for retailers is that they’ll be able to save on storage space as they won’t have to carry that many physical products. They’ll be able to store products in warehouses or place orders upon purchase of the item.

There will also be a cinema and food outlets, which means you’ll never have to lug any shopping bags anywhere if you intend to catch a movie or grab some makan. Sounds like a win for the evolved shopper. It’s definitely not going to replace all online shopping as it most likely won’t be able to carry very specific products.


The mall will be located where Sing Post currently sits and is set for completion by mid-2017.


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