Otter baiter now hunted by ACRES

Man in blue that tried to hunt an otter is now being hunted by ACRES.

Otters have recently been unofficially adopted as the mascot for nature in Singapore. Move over Merlion, there’s an actual factual animal that frolics in the river that we’re more in love with.

Apparently not everyone is as in love with these new wildlings as we are. A video surfaced on the internet showing a man in blue along a canal in Toa Payoh trying to bait an otter with a fishing hook. The otter, a pup to be exact took the bait as these otters are yet unaware that some human beings aren’t exactly human at all.

The otter obviously got hooked and struggled to break free while the man (monster) in blue puffed on his cigarette and flashed a villainous grin as he watched the entire episode unfurl. The otter managed to break away from the hook but was clearly injured. It could be seen limping alongside the rest of it’s family as they moved out of the water.

The Animals Concern Research and Education Society or ACRES took to Facebook to mention that it was “very disturbed” by the video and thanked members of the public, including the person filming, for reporting the incident. It also said that it is in touch with the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) of Singapore and PUB.

The youtube user Fast Snail who uploaded the initial video also uploaded an update to show that the otter pup is no longer limping and seemingly in high spirits once again as it prances about in otterly fashion with the rest of it’s family.

ACRES said it has verified that the fishing line is no longer on the otter and there is no need to rescue the otter at this point.


It is calling on those who can identify the fisherman to submit information via its email address, [email protected], so “justice is served”.


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