Remember William Farquhar?

This name is synonymous with young boys giggling as they often than not mispronounce it to the glee of their peers and utter disappointment of their history teacher.


William Farquhar along with Sir Stamford Raffles colonised our tiny island back in 1819 and although he doesn’t have a statue like Raffles does, he did leave behind a legacy, a good giggle in history lessons. Aside from that, his lineage has gone on to do other things, and right now his most prominent descendant is Justin Trudeau the Prime Minister of Canada.

Federal Liberal Party leadership candidate Justin Trudeau takes part in the final leadership debate in Montreal, Quebec, March 23, 2013. The Liberals will vote for a new leader in April.  Christinne Muschi/Reuters

Trudeau’s 5th great grandmother Antoinette “Nonio” Clement was the first wife of William Farquhar. She was essentially Eurasian, as she was the daughter of a French man and an ethnically Malaccan woman. His ancestors lived in the region for a bit during colonial rule. His mixed ancestry makes him the first Canadian Prime Minister with a verified non-European ancestry.

Which is pretty cool la. William Farquhar, you’re alright.



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