Singaporean men can’t match up to western men?

There are some women with a fervent believe that a westerner would be a more suitable partner when compared to Singaporeans.

Are Singaporeans distinctly lacking when measured against a westerner?

A recent post online clearly written by a female with a strong belief that her fates lie outside local waters and across oceans to the western world details how western men have different set of characteristics and skills that outdo local men.


“SG guys are generally hopeless, many are without any direction or goal in life. And since they live with their parents for much of their growing-up years and even adult lives, they’re not independent. Even NS, which is supposed to make them more independent, only teaches them to follow orders and the status quo.
Even within tertiary institutions, local guys seem so childish. Instead of talking about careers and similar fields, they usually hang out and talk about army or games. We want mature, responsible, financially-independent men who are able to provide a sense of security

Firstly, did you move out of the nest at 18 and strive to make it on your own like western women do? If not then you’re also not very independent huh. And having said so, what exactly are you looking for? It very clearly seems like the writer is looking for a westerner to “afford” her, you know lady, there’s a term for women like you right.


It’s understandable, men talk about things they can relate to. NS was a key part of our lives before University and it gives us common ground and a shared brotherhood, talking about it can be annoying especially since stories are always repeated, we get it. It however doesn’t make us robots, I mean it’s a simple case of you don’t try you won’t know. So perhaps you can sign up for the volunteer corps la.


It’s pretty hard to put a measure on ethnic traits and tell us we’re lacking in certain parts compared to westerners. There are many men out here who despite living at home with their parents as singles that have a steady head on their shoulders and have strong ambitions and careers, in fact it’s pretty cynical since we’re facing an aging population crisis because men and women are too career driven these days to bother settling down or having kids.

In the same sense, local boys have complains about local girls, especially when it comes to material needs.

I for one, do not feel that local men are losing out to western men in any front and we hold our own very well against them despite living with mom and dad.





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