Teen wants his pregnant girlfriend back from MSF

A teenager on Facebook by the name of Ah Jian Sia has taken to Facebook against MSF.

The teen wasn’t happy that MSF took his pregnant 13 year old girlfriend away and into their own custody. According to the teenager she was taken to court without her parent’s consent (wondering if had sex with her parents consent) and thrown into a girls home.

The teen is unhappy that his 5 month pregnant girlfriend has been placed in a juvenile correction facility and fears that she’d be bullied and not receive proper care. He believes that he would be better suited to provide the care and attention needed to her, although it isn’t sure how old he is or what he’s doing to back up his claim.

Here’s his post.


Ah Jian Sia tagged his friends in hopes that they would share his plight and they would receive enough support so that MSF would return his girlfriend back into his aching arms.

He did get quite some support from like minded peers. We remind you, “Peers”


And also this one from someone who wasn’t so much a peer.


Yes Ah Jian Sia, that is a burn.

MSF responded to the post made by the teenager and has assured that the pregnant youth is under proper care and supervision.


It is unsure how he will be providing for her from prison.

According to laws in Singapore, having sex with a female aged 14 and below constitutes as statutory rape, consensual or not. However if the offender is also below the age of 14 he too might be spared, depending on the situation and severity of the case, and under discretion from the Singapore Police Force.

Good luck Ah Jian Sia.


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