The Evolving Job Title

What if you could glam up your job title? What would you call yourself? If you’re working as a barista, perhaps you’d rather a title like “coffee artist”. A sales assistant in a store might prefer “retail associate”.

Here are 7 ideas of embellished Singaporean job titles:


  1. Information Specialist a.k.a Front Desk Receptionist – You go to her for all of your questions and she seems to know a lot of information, most importantly, “Where is the nearest ATM?” and “Where is the toilet?”


  1. Life Guru / Storyteller On-The-Go a.k.a Common Taxi Uncle – You aren’t just paying him for his driving service but also for some much needed (?) advice. “Eh uncle, who ask you? Can you just take the shortest route to Mountbatten? I late liao.”


  1. Food Enthusiast a.k.a Anyone and Everyone – Always seeing these people taking photos of their food like it’s photoshoot time. One hour later… Food is cold. But all in the name of a great “minimalist” instagram-worthy shot.


  1. Mail Dispatch Rider a.k.a Mr. Postman – Sometimes we see him at our doorstep, sometimes we forget how our mail magically ends up in our letterbox. But we have him to thank for all of our safely delivered packages/letters!


  1. Convenience Store Clerk a.k.a 7-11 Cashier – They are always at the front of the store or hiding somewhere in a small room stock-taking, but when we need them, they always appear to our convenience 24/7 just like the store hours.


  1. Ticket Destroyer a.k.a Movie Usher (the guy who rips apart your ticket and hands you half a stub to keep) – This job is cooler than you think, I mean who doesn’t enjoy ripping things apart and sharing half-half with others. Sharing is caring!


  1. Coffee Shop Chef a.k.a Hawker Stall Uncle/Auntie – Their food is as good as a michelin star restaurant, it’s about time we recognise them as CHEFS and not just your everyday uncle or auntie selling food at the coffee shop. Auntie, uncle… You are welcome!


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