The man who can’t be moved

An MRT commuter was appalled by a man that refused to give up his seat to a mother and child.

Chia, took to Facebook to detail her account with the man in the rush hour train home after work. It’s understandable that all of us had long days at work, we’re all taking the same train and we’re all trying to get home so we can crawl back into bed or the couch or wherever it is that makes us comfortable. However one man felt that he was more equal than others.

The grown portly man sat in the reserved seat while a mother with a baby strapped to her chest stood near him. Chia who noticed the mother, identified as Clare Zhang approached the man and asked “politely” for him to give his seat up to the mother and child. She most likely wasn’t prepared for the retort the man had.


“It is my choice and I’m not giving up my seat to her” said the man.

She didn’t let up though, she asked “But you do understand that the seat you’re on is for the needy ones”

“So what, it’s my choice and I’m tired after work” was his argument. We’re all tired after work la mister.

Chia then responded that she was embarrassed for him, and he replied that she shouldn’t be as he himself wasn’t embarrassed one bit.

Everyone in the cabin could hear the conversation and there was dead silence, tension was tight.

The post went viral and the mother and Chia both managed to reconnect. Clare (mother) thanked Chia for speaking up for her, and said that the lady beside the man gave her seat to her.

The man in the centre of the entire debacle, Cutbert Syn spoke up as well, “Personally, I have not been well and tired. In fact recently, I have been feeling my heart conditions again. Previously, I have seen a heart specialist before. I think it is just malice reporting. People do not have X-ray eyes. I will just let it go. People have different opinions, well I have my own health to take care of,”

Well you could have told the lady that then, nobody would have questioned that (clearly), but it was the snide remarks that brought you to such light.

Kudos to Chia for speaking up and not being afraid.


  1. I think SMRT needs to do something about this.

    He cannot simply behave in this manner.

    If he was sick prove it..

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