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Juli Phang – the latest adjective for bad wedding guest.

Being invited to share in a couple’s special day should be a fun filled affair with good cheer and love all around. Not so for one Juli Phang, who managed to rain insults and jibes throughout her husband’s friend’s wedding.

She’s been labeled the worst wedding guest and had her posts circulated by international sites such as The Daily Mail and The Mirror. Firstly, how obnoxious enough must one be to provide live feed for an entire wedding to her readers, much less a wedding where she admittedly wrote she didn’t really know the bride or groom.

jp5See, she say herself ah.

She has taken down every single live post she made after she got flagged by netizens. I’ve said this many times, the internet never forgets. And she’s uploaded a new statement where she says she forgets that she’s a blogger sometimes and assume she’s talking to friends instead.

However it says in the image above that she does remember she’s a blogger and that the couple aren’t readers of her blog, don’t worry the internet never forgets.

jp4She loves sharing her joy and sorrows with her readers/friends, none of that were evident in any of her live posts – except for these of course.

jp9 jp10 jp11jp8

Yup, Juli Phang inserted little bits of her own thunder into her live posts comparing the couple’s wedding to hers. Lady even your husband says your day is over la. There are more of her posts still lingering around the interwebs and it isn’t that difficult to fish them out, but her worst posts involved the bridal car and it’s decorations.

Nothing could sate her palette, although it really shouldn’t have bothered her even if the couple had decided to hang plastic bags on a tractor and use it as their bridal car.

jp6 jp7

She has apologised to the couple and the family members for turning their special day into a media circus.

This is what she had to say.

“When I wrote it, I really didn’t expect the couple to read it. When I realized the potential repercussions my post might bring to the couple, I took it down. However in the 12-hour delay, it had spiraled out of control. Oh my tian!

“I definitely never wished for any of this to happen, but I knew then I had to take responsibility and reached out to the couple and their families to apologize,” she wrote.

She added that there was no malicious intent and that she underestimated the impact of her words on the couple’s big day.

Juli also mentioned that she tried reaching out to the couple and their families and that the incident had greatly affected her husband.

She wrote: “This has also greatly affected my husband, who has a lot more explaining to do as he is a close friend of the groom. I am thankful that in spite of all that has happened, my husband has chosen to stand by me, and not divorce me. ”


She’s gained notoriety, but in the world of blogging there isn’t bad press is there? One thing we can take out of all this is that now we all know we shouldn’t provide live feed for a wedding.

Next time you go for a wedding and see someone behaving badly you can just point to your plus one and say “Eh darling, that person damn Juli Phang eh.”


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