The mushroom that’s more than magic

Yes this mushroom is magic, and no this one cannot buy in Bali.

Perhaps the most useful/redundant article a men could read today. Scientists have discovered a mushroom in Hawaii that induces instantaneous orgasms in women just by smelling it. Yes boys, science has discovered a way to turn you from lost scout in MacRitchie to Rambo in the bedroom. You want a sure fire, quick no frills way to satisfying your lady in bed than this is it. You probably have to travel to Hawaii and file lots of documents with AVA before you can bring this into your bedroom or wherever it is you guys like to make magic.


On the upside this mushroom would be the perfect way for all you men struggling to please your women to make her never stop screaming your name, and not to wash the dishes or to put the toilet seat down. but with all good things there comes bad too.

This mushroom smells incredible to women and induces orgasms at a sniff, and according to researchers nearly half the volunteers reached climax during the study just by smelling it. What’s so bad? While it smells rosy and peachy or whatever it is that makes a woman orgasm, it smells like death to men.

mush1It was concluded that all male volunteers that smelled the mushroom were put off by it’s putrid odour. So in essence one man’s poison is another woman’s gold, or is it all men’s poison is a woman’s friend? Before you start planning your trip to Hawaii, remember that you’ll need more than an n95 mask to stomach this elixir.

Still going to go anyways?


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