The truth behind the $1,000 deposit…


Nestled within the forests of Pulau Ubin, sits the Wei Tuo Temple. It is one of a few temples which is left on Pulau Ubin which once saw about 20 temples scattered around the island.

Wei Tuo Temple’s caretaker, Madam Ong Siew Fong was recently in the local papers when it featured her as one of the 38 people still living on the island.


(Photo Credit: TODAY)

According to TODAY, Madam Ong had to forfeit their deposit of $1,000 after unsuccessfully applying for a HDB flat.

An online news portal misunderstood the news and mentioned that Madam Ong lost her deposit “due to the HDB not screening her flat application process appropriately…”

We spoke with Madam Ong and found out that this was not true. In fact, it was because Madam Ong and her family had not met the deadline to sign HDB documents due to circumstances, and resulted in the forfeiture of the HDB application.

But after having a chat with Madam Ong, you realise that what she and her family truly needs, is not to get back the $1,000 deposit for the HDB application, but actually a HDB flat of their own.

“With a flat on mainland Singapore, it would be so much easier and convenient for my husband and daughter to see the doctor for their regular medical appointments,”

Madam Ong’s husband suffered a stroke some years ago and is unable to walk or care for himself while Madam Ong’s daughter walks with a bit of difficulty because of an accident many years ago.

As a result, it is very arduous and tedious for Madam Ong to bring her husband or daughter to mainland Singapore to see the doctor.

Fortunately for Madam Ong, Dr Maliki Osman who is the member of Parliament for the area came to know of her predicament and is in touch with her to help her out.


“If I do move onto mainland Singapore, I will miss this place and the lifestyle, but for the convenience of my husband and daughter, it is better to move onto the mainland…”



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