This Minister gets all excited over Hello Kitty and Star Wars planes!

Boys will still always be boys, no matter how old they get or what profession they’re in they’ll still go gaga over their toys and stuff they like.


One minister especially went bananas on Facebook over a couple of made-over airplanes. The Minister of State at Ministry of Health took to Facebook and posted a picture of an EVA Air plane decked out in a full Hello Kitty kit while at Narita Airport in Japan.

He even asked staff members from the airlines about the plane – and boy was he excited when he found out that it was more than surface deep with the design, the airplane carries Hello Kitty paraphernalia for all the Hello Kitty die-hards.

Screenshot 2015-10-15 14.00.36

If Hello Kitty isn’t your thing, (high five) then let’s move on to something that might be a little more up your alley, Star Wars. Yes Dr Lam posted yet another airplane consecutively onto his page, and although he didn’t manage to see the actual plane yet, he probably might when it lands in Singapore in November.

40 lucky fans will be able to board the ANA carrier when it arrives in Changi, Dr Lam might be one of those fanboys. The plane’s designed to look like R2D2 from the science-fiction franchise and aptly so, considering that the droid supported Luke Skywalker on his flights.

Screenshot 2015-10-15 14.00.47

Yes, he used the word “cool”, just one word. But it’s alright, his heart is in the right place with this one.

Who knew that Dr Lam Pin Min was that much into planes.


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