This right here is one smooth criminal

This video footage of a Level 9999 thief at Shaw House has been making the rounds. In the CCTV footage, the thief ninja is seen stealthily dragging a chair over to his table with his foot. When the chair is close enough, Naruto calmly picks up the victim’s bag and walks away with his friend. Smoother than a fresh jar of skippy.

(Video was first posted here)

We have questions!

  1. Didn’t the owner of the bag see that the chair was behaving all paranormal activity-like, being dragged away by an unknown force? Also, we know foodcourt chairs, they are notoriously noisy. If he didn’t see it couldn’t he hear it?
  2. The ninja and his pal look like, professionals? Fancy shirts and all. Where do they work at?
  3. Teenage mutant ninja turtle leg won’t feel crampy meh?
  4. So many people in the foodcourt and no one else saw what was happening?
  5. What was the victim eating?

Jokes aside guys, be careful with your belongings! Low crime don’t mean no crime.

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